Using a very sensitive chemiluminescent sandwich EIA, we discovered iNOS in the plasma of patients with sepsis or who developed sepsis within the next 24 – 48 hours, and have shown plasma iNOS can be used as a very specific biochemical marker for the onset of sepsis. To date, more than 350 subjects have been enrolled in clinical trials and more than 1200 human plasma samples have been collected and analyzed. During our analyses, we discovered not only was soluble iNOS present, but microvesicle-associated iNOS (MV-A iNOS) was also present in samples exclusively from septic patients. We postulated and then proved in animal studies that MV-A iNOS is lethal and appears to be functioning as an initiator of organ dysfunction, damage and death. More recently, we have shown that the lethal affects of MV-A iNOS can be neutralized in vivo using our candidate monoclonal antibody drug aSeptiMab™ which specifically targets MV-A iNOS.

Our Discoveries

  • First to discover iNOS in plasma of septic patients
  • First to demonstrate plasma iNOS is an accurate biochemical marker that forecasts the onset of sepsis
  • First to discover plasma iNOS is lethal
  • First to discover neutralization of plasma iNOS rescues animals from death by sepsis

Lead to Unique Patented New Products

  • First in vitro diagnostic test to accurately forecast the onset of sepsis
  • First truly effective therapeutic treatment for the hyperinflammatory sepsis and severe sepsis pathologies
  • Four issued patents
  • Thirteen pending patent applications

Open Unparalleled Business Opportunity

  • First to enter an untapped $19 billion per year market segment of an overall $75 billion per year sepsis treatment market
  • USA market forecast to double in next 20 years as “Baby Boom” generation ages
  • Worldwide market forecast to increase significantly as China and India upgrade national health care systems
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